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August, 26, 2012

Submissions are now being accepted for the first edition of the NYCOM Pulse.
The deadline for submitting articles is September 13th at 5:00pm for the upcoming September Issue.

Articles do not necessarily have to be in writing- you may also submit photographs or pictures to be included in this edition. We will have a special section of this edition devoted to what students have done over this past summer, so if you had a meaningful experience doing research/shadowing/NYLF/global health/etc., please share it with us so we can include it in the Pulse. We would love if you included pictures as well!   

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me!


Marwah Ibrahem

If interested in being published in the NYCOM Pulse, please email your submission to Marwah Ibrahem at , or fill out the form below.


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