Recollection of Troubled Times

By Dezheen Zebari, OMS-IV

As I am sitting in my living room and watching the news, I realized I have become increasingly saddened over what is happening in the world and the abundance of hatred that encompasses our daily lives. Watching and reading about all that is happening can make one depressed and even make us feel that world is all “bad,” and we as individuals cannot make a positive change in this world.

After a week of feeling solemn, I decided that I needed to re-evaluate how I was looking at things. We have the power to control how we want to perceive the world. As future clinicians I think it is imperative that we not lose our compassion nor our acceptance of all our patients. If we decide to live in a little bubble that only serves to allow those opinions that we already know or have accepted, then we are doing ourselves a disservice because there will not be any room for growth.

I understand that perhaps I am describing something that is almost considered utopic, but if we as human beings want to evolve and move towards progression, we need to be able to face the uncomfortable, the unknown, the ugly, and the bad, in addition to the good and the beautiful. In order to allow ourselves to move beyond our own vision, there has to be a balance between all realms of life.

Although it has and will continue to be a difficult journey, I think we need to challenge ourselves even further to find ourselves but also find others.

-Thoughts of a human always on the journey called “LIFE.”