AOA’s Annual Osteopathic Medical Conference & Exposition (OMED 2012) in San Diego, CA

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By: Jaclyn Chua, OMS-II

On Monday, August 27th:

  • Return Roommate Selection Form to Joanna Cavallo no later than this day.
  • Mandatory Interest Meeting @12pm in Riland Auditorium. Bring travel receipt for airfare and $100 deposit check which will be shredded if academic obligations at OMED are met. Please bring the completed Deposit Form and the $100 check to this meeting. The travel receipt must simply indicate that the student’s flight returns to New York at any time on October 9th.

Between Sunday, October 7th and Thursday, October 11th of this year, the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) will hold its 117th Annual Osteopathic Medical Conference and Exposition (OMED) in the  San Diego Convention Center.

NYCOM students will attend from Friday October 5th, if partaking in the volunteer opportunity, and fly out Tuesday, October 9th. Otherwise, students will fly in Saturday morning on October 6th. The students selected for the volunteer opportunity described later in this article have been notified.

This conference brings together osteopathic physicians and students from all over the country. Lectures and workshops are provided for the attendees as well as the largest exposition for osteopathic physicians in the world!

The conference will also involve a health fair at the San Diego Rescue Mission on Saturday, October 6th. It will be a rewarding way for the Class of 2015 to obtain TOUCH hours, but this opportunity is limited to the first 24 students who sign up. The chosen students must fly to San Diego on Friday, October 5th in the late afternoon. Hotel accommodations will be provided.

A mandatory interest meeting will be held on Monday, August 27th at 12pm. Further information will be provided regarding the conference and the San Diego Rescue Mission Health Fair. Attendance at this meeting is mandatory if seeking to participate in any of the events including the overall AOA OMED Conference.

Your SGA will be at the meeting to answer any further questions you may have about the conference, but until then we have compiled a list of FAQs that you will hopefully find helpful.

Q: Who is allowed to attend? Am I allowed to invite non-NYCOMers?

A: No, unfortunately the invitation for the OMED conference only extends to NYCOM students.

Q: Is attendance to the conference mandatory?

A: No, attendance is optional.

Q: Will there be food provided? What if I have dietary restrictions?

A: There will be a mandatory brunch on Sunday, October 7th which will be provided by NYCOM. However, additional food costs for the remainder of the trip will be the responsibility of each student.

Q: Is there a requirement for attending particular presentations? Do we get to choose which ones we attend?

A: Students will be required to attend the OMED Opening Session on Monday, October 8 from 8:00 to 9:30 am at the San Diego Convention Center. Two other workshops of the student’s choosing and the Sunday Brunch are also required. The $100 deposit check will be shredded upon completion of these requirements.

Q: How many hotel nights will be paid for by NYCOM?

A: All hotel nights during the conference will be paid for. NYCOM will also pay for the additional night for those students participating in the Health Fair at the San Diego Rescue Mission on Saturday, October 6th.

Q: Do we get to choose our hotel accommodations? 

A: NYCOM students will be residing at the San Diego Marriot Marquis & Marina on 333 West Harbor Drive. Three people will be assigned to each room.

Q: Do we get to choose our roommates?

A: Yes, students will have the choice of selecting the other two students with which they will share a room. Please bring you Roommate Selection Form to Joanna Cavallo no later than Monday, August 27th.

Q: Will transportation be provided?

A: Students are responsible for all transportation costs. According to the OMED website, special rates for flights will be provided by both United Airlines and Delta Air Lines. A 2%-10% discount will be provided by United Airlines simply by using the discount code 550KM. Delta Air Lines will provide a 10% discount on its fares via their Meeting Event Code NM8VN. Please keep in mind that you will also be responsible for transportation to and from the airport.

Q: Do we need to bring any equipment such as a stethoscope?

A: Information will be sent out if students will need to bring any additional equipment.

Q: What attire is required for the conference?

A: Professional attire at all times will be required while attending lectures at the San Diego Convention Center.

Q: How should I manage my budget for this trip?

A: Students should expect to spend approximately $500 to $700 for the entire trip. Additional costs for leisure activities will be incurred by the student.

Q: Will there be a schedule or itinerary provided?

A: A more detailed schedule will be distributed to the students as the conference date approaches. The preliminary program can be found on OMED’s website.

Q: How do I register, and how much does it cost?

A: To register online for free, use thelink to access the online registration form. You will need your 6-digit AOA Member number and your last name.

If the link above does not work, copy the following URL into your browser:

The deadline to register for the conference is Thursday, August 30th. We do recommend that you register online even if you are unsure of your ability to attend the conference.

In other news, we hope you are enjoying the new blog format of our NYCOM Pulse. It is clearly still under construction, but we hope you will find it aesthetically pleasing within the next few weeks.

Welcome Class of 2016!


Dear Class of 2016,

Congratulations and welcome to the 2012-2013 academic year at NYCOM, student-doctors! We are very excited to have you, the 34th entering class, join us and we look forward to working with all of you in the coming months. The year is already off to a sensational start as the Class of 2013 begins various showcasing rotations for potential residency spots. The Class of 2014 just took Level 1 of the Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Examination (COMLEX) in June and recently completed the summer Introduction to Clinical Medicine Course, which prepared students for when they began rotations on July 31st. The second year class is already one week into their Cardiovascular and Respiratory system courses and is hard at work creating fun and fulfilling events as your organization officers this year. And of course, best of luck to all of you as you finish orientation and gear up for Introduction to Osteopathic Medicine!

The summer has been a busy one as administrators, faculty members, and students prepared for the new academic year. Continuous communication through venues such as Course Faculty Assessments (CFA), Curriculum Committee meetings, and Faculty- Student Post Course meetings have led to various enhancements in both the Lecture- Discussion Based and Doctor- Patient Continuum curricula. Several important resources such as the medical library, technologies, and general campus facilities are also being upgraded- these changes will only help to enhance the overall student experience here at NYCOM.

The Student Government Association (SGA), which includes all the SGA Officers, Class Officers, SGA Committee Representatives, and Organization Officers, have been working diligently throughout the summer preparing exciting and unique opportunities that serve the personal and professional interests of all our students. These student leaders organize events on the local level to enhance the camaraderie and reputation of our institution as well as travel to various conferences where they team up and share ideas with leaders from medical schools throughout the country. Thus, the mission of the SGA is to represent NYCOM New York College of the National level, empower the student body, motivate the student body, faculty, and administration to achieve excellence, and communicate a common vision for the school community.

The transition into your first year of medical school may be difficult, but never feel that you are alone as you begin this new phase of your education. Your administrators, faculty, students from the 2013-2015 classes, and alumni are invaluable resources who are always happy and willing to help you along the way.

We wish you every success as you begin your incredible journey to become proficient osteopathic physicians at NYCOM!

Your 2012-2013 SGA Executive Board

Farzan, Eric, Marwah, Renata, Aileen, and Robert

Pulse Finds New Home Online

Welcome to the new online home of the NYCOM Pulse. The Pulse, originally a print-only newspaper, has been teetering on the fence of the digital and paper-based world for a few years now. Like the rest of the newspapers across the world grappling with tech issues, we’ve been questioning how best to share the news, and in what format. Fast forward to last year, when the Student Affairs Committee decided it was time to move forward and solidify the Pulse as an online newspaper. And here we are!

Our goal is to create a system of simplicity. As Einstein said,

“Simplicity is the purest form of genius.”

We are looking to create and maintain an online newspaper that is clean, visually uncluttered, and to-the-point. If there is news to share, we never want the process of sharing news to be the limiting factor in doing so. And for our readers, we hope you’ll settle in and get used to a format that gives you what you are looking for- the news.

Thanks for visiting and reading about the Pulse and our goals, and please let us know what you think throughout the year.

Yours truly,

NYCOM SGA Students Affairs Committee and the  SGA Executive Commitee