At The Heart Of NYIT-COM

By Christie Ton, OMS II

This picture was taken after the fashion segment of the Taste of The Nations event and shows various students in traditional clothing from their country. At the heart of NYIT-COM are all the faces and smiles of the students, doctors, teachers, and staff that comprise this community. And while we are all here with the same heart to do good and to help others, every heart has a different composition of emotions and reflections. A part of every heart’s composition is culture and traditions which give us our foundation. We learn to embrace it and we learn to embrace the culture and traditions of others. Embracing culture, understanding differences, and listening to each other is really at the heart of medicine and the heart of the patient-doctor relationship. As we come together and realize the diversity of customs, ethnicities, and backgrounds within our community we begin to build an excellent framework to house our hearts.

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